How to check what may be wrong with the motor not turning

Is the motor making noises but the agitator in the bucket is not spinning? 

  • This likely indicates the black cog on the solids bin has stripped out. Removing the solids bin from the toilet and removing the bolt holding the black plastic cog on the solids bin will show the hexagon drive profile of the agitator. A simple cog replacement will fix this and get you back up and running. Contact us and we will have one sent out right away.
  • Here is an article showing how to replace a cog:

Is the motor making any noise at all? 

  • If not, then there is some power related problem. Here are few checks.
    • If you have a battery, is your battery charged?
    • If you are using a power supply, is your power supply rated for 12VDC with up to 10 Amp of power draw? The motor can spike up to 10 Amps and it's common for power supplies to be rated at lower amperages like 1 Amps or 3 Amps. 
    • Check your power jack contact on the inside of the toilet:
    • If all of this looks good, you will have to remove the cone insert covering the motor and look at the wiring contacts down here.