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We all know we have problems...

OGO™ wants to help be a part of the solution. We all know of the problems that we face to be sustainable, but how do we change? One choice at a time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to make off-grid living easy. Part of that is providing helpful information that can help keep your OGO™ products working for you.

What makes OGO™ better?

While other composting toilets are limited in their capabilities, OGO™ has it all! We’re smaller, sleeker, modern, and leave a smaller footprint compared to the leading composting toilets. We make everyday life easier.

Is there a lot of extra work?

No. OGO™ Compost Toilet was designed with user ease in mind. Based on average use* you will change your solid bin medium and empty your urine bottle weekly add a quick spray or wipe it down here and there and you are good to "go!"
*average use 4-5 times daily


Coco Coir is made from coconut fibers and is a great absorbent medium. Ours has the correct balance that other mediums fall short on. We do not suggest using sawdust, animal bedding, or woodchips these products will turn clay-like in texture, making the agitator unable to spin and causing possible motor damage.

No, OGO™ Compost Toilet can be used anywhere. Many permanent residents are reducing their footprint by switching to a more sustainable waste solution.
Anyone that has used a composting toilet system knows hand cranking can become a problem within itself. So, with a small 12V motor and a push of a button no more headache of hand cranking.
There is always some initial odor when it comes to our waste. OGO™ has some of the best features and accessories to help reduce any unwanted odors. With a continuous fan, multiple filter assemblies, and each unit comes with a 5ft vent hose. Also, check out our cleaning tips.
Open defecators have a belief that the water washes away their waste. What they seem to forget is that most of such areas are not properly empowered to treat the water to remove human waste and the microbes that move with it. Issues with vegetation and wildlife can also be affected by adding human waste.
Talk with your neighbors about having community compost areas. Plan and present ideas to your local leaders about changing your community for the better. OGO™ is currently working towards full community solutions with remote locations around the world. 

ABSOLUTELY! As with any toilet proper hygiene, bathroom etiquette, and cleaning are the factors in keeping any waste system sanitary.

We made that easy too. OGO™ has a removable urine bottle and solids bin. Our patented urine diversion features make sure your waste is easy to dispose of. For more info check out our user manual.

About US

Tell me more about OGO™

We have been selling in the U.S. since December, 2021. We have been in the European market since July of 2021. We have also had test toilets in circulation for about a year before that.

    All our products are proudly made in Ohio, USA. We are a small people-based company. We focus on growing knowledge, education, and innovation to help transition into an off-grid lifestyle.


    Our facilities bring responsible manufacturing and customer-driven products. We are a company that is willing to go the extra mile to ensure our products help make the world a little better. With the ability to turn protypes into products, we listen to feedback from the experts. You!

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