What are the differences between the Origin and the Nomad?

OGO Origin

  • Generally best for long term, "forever" use of multiple people

  • Taller (15" front to back, 16" wide, 18.375" tall)

  • Electric 12V system

  • 2.4 gallon urine bottle, 25-30 solids uses before having to empty

  • Urine sensor so you don't overflow, electric agitator to mix the solids waste

  • 12V fan for moisture in any odor control.

  • Patented Trap Door design for best proper urine control possible

OGO Nomad

  • Generally for 1-2 people use, "weekend" trips, simple and smaller introductory toilet

  • Shorter (15.40" front to back, 13" wide, and 12.38" tall)

  • Non-electric, layering over solids waste after each use, no mixing.

  • 1.2 gallon urine bottle, 5-6 solids uses with layering before emptying

  • Bag design to clip in, currently no solids bin