How does the urine sensor work?

We will look at how and why the OGO™ ORIGIN has a liquid level sensor in each unit.

The sensor bracket is measured and placed in the exact location for the urine sensor to detect the level of liquid needed to avoid overflowing. Made of high-density polyethylene and fastened with stainless steel screws. There are some common troubleshooting guides and information about the urine sensor on its product page. 

Every OGO™ Compost Toilet is hand-assembled at our Ohio, USA facility, ensuring quality is our number one priority. Every sensor bracket is specifically mounted and tested for maximum performance of the sensor, we check to make sure it is the correct distance from the bottle, and it is the proper height for the bottle to be almost full before needing to be emptied. We have upgraded our packaging in shipping to help ensure that your sensor bracket does not get damaged in shipping as well.


Each sensor will fit tightly in the bracket. It should not be able to wobble or move. I was engineered to be strong and stable no matter how bumpy your off-road travels get; the sensor bracket will hold the sensor in place.

To clean, use a swap or wipe. While there should never be much build-up in this particular area, things happen. We do not suggest directly spraying the sensor; however, a wet wipe or towel should remove any buildup of debris.

What if I don’t want to mess with a bottle?

OGO™ is a part of many different lifestyles, which require different adaptations to provide the best user experience. Some of these lifestyles choose a composting toilet but are wanting to not worry about dumping a urine bottle. That is why we have added the OGO™ Drain Kit to help with this.

Made from strong molded plastic this kit includes a base, flange, stainless steel screws, and cut-to-fit PVC piping. The toilet was designed to be able to add this accessory.  Can be added to any existing tank or filtration system. Can be adapted to fit standard 3/4″ pipe and hose fixtures.