How does the OGO™ ORIGIN urine diverter work?

Exploring the features of the OGO™ Compost Toilet and the urine diversion system.

1. OGO™ Urine Bottle

How do I empty my OGO™ Compost Toilet Urine Bottle?

By unlocking the drawer hooks from both sides of your unit, you can pull out the urine bottle. Made of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), this bottle is very durable and made to last. The bottle features a molded handle, and each unit comes with a bottle cap. Each bottle can hold 2.4 gallons of liquid before emptying. 

The urine bottle is a nice feature for on-the-go situations. When full place the cap on the bottle to prevent unwanted splashing. Lift up and dump.

2. Compost Toilet-Discarding Urine

How and where can I dump my urine from my OGO™ Compost Toilet?

 Now dumping is a whole topic that we will talk about in a different post. Follow all your local laws when it comes to dumping. We are in over 20 countries, and each municipality is different. Some say it’s okay to dump on mature trees and in non-consuming vegetation. Others say absolutely not. We suggest finding what works best for the area you are in. We like WHERE TO DUMP A COMPOSTING TOILET she gives a very nice, well-researched, opinion on what works for her in her full-time RV. 


  • Urine by itself is great for mature trees
  • Urine can be mixed with 8 parts water to 1 part urine and safely disposed to anywhere you like. 
  • If you want to use it for plants, you need to dilute the urine with water. Urine is full of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Plants thrive on this! Since urine is so concentrated you will need to dilute it with water if you will want to use it for your plants. 
  • If the above options are not available, then most safe and approved alternatives of disposal can be obtained form your local Environmental Protection, Public Health, and Building departments. 

3. Urine Diversion with Compost Toilets

Do I have to use a urine bottle for my OGO™ Compost Toilet?

If bottles aren’t what’s rocking for your rig, we are working on prototypes for a drain kit that can be installed to divert your urine in a tank or filtration system but is simple and temporary enough that can be taken out for cleaning or moving at any time with ease.

4. Urine Capacity in Compost Toilets

How do you know when your Urine Bottle is full?

There are many different sanitation options out there. A deciding factor can come down to capacity and function. We have made a comparison chart to help you choose what features and dimensions work for you among the leading brands. 

OGO™ Compost Toilet has the capacity of 2.4 Gallons of urine collection before needing to be emptied. Which is larger than most, but that is not the cool part. The best part about the OGO™ and the urine diversion system is there is a sensor that will trigger an indicator light when it is needing to be emptied!!

Having the urine diversion system set up helps eliminate the odor that most off-grid toilets can have and also helps allow the solid waste to dry, killing harmful pathogens more quickly. 

5. How Does Urine Diverting Actually Work?

Why Do I Need Urine Diversion in a Compost Toilet?

You don’t, but it sure is the better way to go!

A Urine Diverting Compost Toilet, like the OGO™ Compost Toilet, works by separating the solid and the liquid waste into two separate compartments. The separation is key to creating the disposal of waste and minimizing the smell of a toilet. In fact, a compost toilet smells better than a traditional flush toilet. When poop and urine mix together it creates sewage creating the smell that you associate with a typical toilet. 

We achieved this by a patented trapdoor and built-in urine funnel in our drain pan. A simple pull of a handle and a uniquely designed bowl help ensure your solids are separated into your bin and your liquids drain to the bottle or drain system.

When you separate solid waste from your urine you are creating two reusable materials that can be put back into the environment. 


  • Smells less than a regular toilet 
    • Works by separating liquid waste from solid waste
    • Built-in fans that vent out bad odors outside 
  • Environmentally friendly 
    • Saves a lot of water and energy 
    • Not adding waste to local waste plant 
  • Free plant food 
    • Turns waste into usable compost
    • Separate urine can be used as a nitrogen-rich fertilizer for old trees 

6. Urination in Compost Toilets

Is there a special way you have to use a compost toilet?

Not, really. We do suggest men sit down to ensure the urine stream goes to the appropriate place, but hey you might be a good aim! The reality is if you are using the OGO™ Compost Toilet, you are “going” the same as a traditional toilet.

For the overspray and stray streams of urine 98% will go into the drain pan of your unit. That is how it is designed! There are two seals from the drain pan and bottle ensuring the urine flow goes where it should. Okay, what about the other 2%, you ask? Well, it is a toilet, so just like our bathrooms found everywhere in our modern world, buildup will occur. Regular cleaning will help keep your unit smell-free and hygienic. There are tons of tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning, but you can read more in our article, Cleaning your OGO™