Can OGO™ ORIGIN be installed in a wet bath?

Boaters, van-lifers, space savers, if your lifestyle has you using a wet bath, having a toilet is part of that. We share how to install an OGO™ ORIGIN in a wet bath.

Yes! There are some things you need to consider first though.

Unfortunately, a standalone OGO™ Compost Toilet is not 100% waterproof, however, you can put a cover overtop the unit while showering to prevent any water from coming in. We sell a custom-fitted wet bath cover for easy removability. It allows you to keep your hose and electrical hook-up installed every time.

OGO Wet Bath Cover

Depending on the build, you may be parked at an angle or sailing with strong waves so the shower pan may build water up underneath the unit. The mount holes, motor holes, and potential drain kit holes would be the first to allow water in. If this happens some of the wires could get wet causing issues. Because of this, we recommend installing on some sort of lip or pedestal that raises the bottom up. 

Our engineering team is looking for better solutions that can be done to help for easier installation into a wet bath, but the great news is with a little creativity and understanding existing customers are finding ways to make it work with their build. In the video below, we had the unit free standing in a 2022 Thor Conversion Van and took it on a trip to the Great Lakes. It worked great without any additional installation. We also chose not to vent with a vent hose and used a charcoal filter instead.