How to adjust the OGO™ Origin liquid level sensor?

If your sensor light (on the button) is constantly on, it may just need to be dialed to be less sensitive. If your sensor light (on the button), never turns on even when the urine bottle is full, it may need to be dialed more sensitive.


About the Urine Sensor

The urine sensor is a NPN capacitive sensor. It works by having 12V input create an electromagnetic field in front of the sensor pad. When this field is interrupting by something capacitive such as metal, your body, water (non-distilled), urine, etc. then the signal gets triggered to "indicate" via a led light. 

The sensor has three wires which are brown, blue and yellow. The brown wire is considered 12V hot and the blue wire is ground. The yellow wire is a signal output which should provide a positive current when the trigger of something capacitive is met. This yellow wire is connected to the OGO™ wiring harness and sends the positive signal up to the button so it is possible that this connection (either at the button or underneath the bottom insert) could be broken. If it were then you would not have an LED light on at all.

When testing for calibration, the best way to determine accuracy is to reference the red light on the back of the sensor. This red light should be on the same time as the button led but again, there could be an interruption from sensor to wiring harness or button.

Correct Functionality:

  • The sensor should not be triggered when the bottle and drawer are closed, and the bottle is empty.
  • It should trigger when the bottle and drawer are closed, and the bottle is full.

How to Calibrate your Urine Sensor

  1. Locate the urine sensor. It is in the small white circular part held in a bracket right behind the urine bottle on the left hand side.
    1. Sensor in bracket
  2. Remove from the urine sensor from its bracket by gently pushing from the back of the sensor forward. 
    1. SensorPopOutOfBracket
  3. Locate the sensor’s back line where the back cover and the front cover meet. Use a small flathead screwdriver or your fingernails to pry the back cover off.
    1. SensorRemoveBack
  4. With the back cover off, you will see a small silver post with a slit for a small screwdriver. This is a small potentiometer that can be turned and dial in sensitivity.
    1. If the sensor light is always on (even when the bottle /drawer are removed), then your sensor is too sensitive. You will need to turn the dial clockwise to make it less sensitive. We recommend removing the bottle / drawer and turn this clockwise until the light on the button turns off. It may take multiple full turns.
    2. If the sensor light never turns on (even when the bottle is full of urine), then your sensor is not sensitive enough. You will need to turn the dial counter-clockwise to make it more sensitive. We recommend having placing your finger in front of the sensor and turn the dial counter-clockwise until the light on the button turns on. It may take multiple full  turns. 
    3. SensorDialImage
  5. Once you believe the sensor is dialed in correctly, we recommend checking it multiple times to confirm. It could be on the "edge" of sensitivity and still cause you faulty results. To do so, you can remove the bottle / drawer and make sure it the red light is off. Place your finger (or anything capacitive) in front of the sensor and make sure the red light is on. Repeat these steps a few times checking for the same results. For higher confidence, you can fill your urine bottle up with water and slide it in the drawer back and forth checking for the correct results instead of your finger. 
  6. Snap the back cover back on the sensor and place it back in the bracket. Place the urine bottle back in the drawer and the drawer back into the unit.
    1. SensorSnapBackTogether

Still having issues?

We are always here to help as fast as we can. Our phone number is 567-271-2020 and our support email is We are still a small team so our staff that is available to take calls are also busy working on other OGO™ company needs so if you can't get ahold of us, please leave a voicemail and we will call back as soon as we can.