How do I cut out my fuse?

This article will walk you through how to cut the PTC fuse out. This is for OGO™ ORIGIN models that were made before August 2022.

Please unplug your unit from any power source before beginning.

Note: If your motor stops agitating prematurely and your unit was purchased before August 2022, this may be necessary. If your unit was purchased after this date, it does not have a PTC fuse and you may have to troubleshoot in otherways.

  1. Grab a pair of wire strippers
  2. Find the red wire with the black rectangle/fuse on it
  3. Remove from the lever-nut connector
  4. Cut off the fuse
  5. Strip back the wire. Twist the wire so it does not fray.
  6. Insert back into the lever nut. Snap the lever and tug to make sure it has good contact.
  7. Position wire/timer to fit under base insert without pinching wires