What do I need to Install the Vent Hose?

Over half of the questions, we receive are about venting. There are many options depending on your build, but here are the basics.

Attaching the Vent Hose

The OGO™ Compost Toilet package comes with a vent hose. There are two rubber ends on each side. It comes in a 5-foot length. If this is a good length then you won’t need any tool, just slip one end onto the T-bar of the toilet located in the back corner and the other end on whatever type of vent you have.  The rubber ends may be a bit tight.

Customer Installations

To Cut Shorter

If you want to cut them shorter, you can start by using a utility knife to cut away the plastic and then use wire cutters to snip the wire inside of the hose. The rubber ends should be able to pull off and you can use something like Gorilla Glue to re-adhere. You can also purchase an extra length of hose from us, and we can make you a custom length. If you are curious about airflow and the length of venting, you can read more here.

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