What do I need to install a Shell Vent?

Venting your OGO™ Compost Toilet is easy. Having a shell vent can help reduce drafts and keep out insects.

Tools Needed

The OGO™ Shell Vent install may need a few different tools depending on what you are installing it in.

Shell vent through wood

If you are cutting through a wood wall, you’ll need a 1-¾” hole saw to cut the through-hole for the vent pipe. The best vent pipe to use is a 1-¼” PVC. You can also use this guide to help find other piping and sizes.

We do not send the vent with a PVC pipe because everyone needs different lengths. With the PVC cut to length, it can be pushed through the wall and into the vent backing. The backing can be fastened to the outside of the wall using a #2 Phillips drill bit on a drill. The other end of the PVC pipe can have, the rubber hose end slipped over it. Lastly the shell vent cover can be installed over top of the shell vent with a #2 Phillips screwdriver or a drill with an extension. 

Learn more about venting here. 

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