My Motor Is..

We will go over the functionality of your 12-volt motor that powers the agitation system in your OGO™ Compost Toilet.

The motor is the driving force that rotates the agitation arms inside your solids bin. You should be able the push the power button on the side of your unit to activate this cycle. Your motor should run for approximately 45 seconds. Some older models will cycle for longer, we cover that in our press release about the timer. Your motor should draw approximately 5 amps during this cycle time and should be able to turn on and off with a push of a button. We talk about power and connections in several other articles, be sure to understand what is needed to install your unit correctly.

What if my unit is not working right?

A common error is an incorrect installation, reversing the polarity of your connections. This would only be for models made before December 2022. If you are finding that you installed your unit and any of the following happened, while the fan is running.

  • The motor is turning really slowly.
  • The motor will only turn on when you hold the button.
  • The motor will not turn on at all.
  • The motor turns on automatically.

Chances are you need to contact us to replace your timer and/or cut out your fuse to get you back up and running quickly. While waiting on parts you should be able to bypass and disconnect your dimer and fuse to have a working unit. Make sure you check your connections before any other troubleshooting.

It’s all about the spin, sometimes.

bottom motor cog

Some other common issues we have seen that people think is a motor issue, but has other origins has to do with the cogs and agitator in your solids bin each motor has a cog push pressed down on the drive shaft the other cog will sit inside this one from the bottom of the solids bin. The motor will move counterclockwise, rotating the agitator arms clockwise. If your motor is not spinning in the correct orientation, you may have polarity issues check your wire connections and positions. These cogs can strip out for a few reasons, such as the compost medium being too thick stopping the arms from moving. The agitator itself is bent or off-axis causing it to drag on the solids bin. Also, ensure the compost mixture is fully cycling over itself, if you have a location that is not mixing, chances are the stir rod got bent at some point. it should be bout a 35-degree angle from your solids bin wall. Ensure the two bolts holding the stir rod are always facing from the unit. If your bin is bouncing, clicking, or not turning, please ensure the bin is placed correctly and the cogs are seated within each cog solids

If your agitator’s arms are not spinning at all or seem really labored to move, your cog is probably stripped. Remove with a screwdriver and visually inspect. The inside hole will be rounded, a new cog can be sent out right away to get you back up and running.

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