Is My Unit Working Correctly?

Is My Unit Working Correctly?

OGO Compost Toilet Walk-Thru

Unboxing Your Unit

What’s in the box?

In this video we will go through step by step to get started on using your new unit. If you have received any damage to your unit contact us immediately before installing. Each unit comes with a manual and we have other guides to help assist you further.

Deciding How to Power

Each unit comes with a 12v pre-stripped power cable. This will allow you to directly hardwire your unit to your DC power source. This could be directly to a 12V deep cell battery or to you already existing electrical system in your build.

Contact a professional electrician or contractor if there are power issues with your build. Each build is as unique as you are, so please note these are general statements for example purposes only. OGO can not assume responsibility for troubleshooting power with in you van only within the unit it’s self. You can use a multimeter. A multimeter or a multitester, also known as a volt/ohm meter or VOM, is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit. A typical multimeter may include features such as the ability to measure voltage, current and resistance. We explain power supply further in other articles.

Another option is to purchase a power adapter that can convert to a AC power source and be able to plug into a 110v outlet. This is a great convenience to be able to just plug in without any wiring. The power adapter will have a blue indicator light on the inverter box. If this light is not on, please ensure you outlet is receiving enough power. For power specifications please refer to page four of the manual.


How Do I Know My Unit Is On?

Ventilation Fan

Each OGO Compost Toilet has a built in ventilation fan that will run continuously.  This is a great indicator that your unit is running effectively.  If your fan is not running, there a few things to check most are easy fixes and can get you up and running.

First check all the electrical connections. You can follow the wiring diagram to ensure all connections are not only secured, but in the correct locations. Usually, in this instance a loose wire can be the reason your unit is not working. Once you have confirmed all connections are secured and your unit is still not running, we will take a look at power source.

Double check your power source, sometimes, incorrect instillation or a tripped circuit/fuse. If you are unsure about your power source, please consult a professional. Incorrect instillation can cause your timer to short out. We have updated the timers, to decrease this issue, if reversed polarity has been consistent it can result in your fuse and motor to malfunction as well. We cover more information in other articles.

Motor Function

The power agitation is a feature that sets your OGO unit above all the rest. Your motor should run for 45 seconds after pushing your power button.  Your agitation arms should move freely and should not scrape the sides of the bin. This should be a smooth rotation. After 45 seconds the motor will shut off automatically. In older models the cycle time is 2 minutes, but we noticed we could achieve the same aeration needed to start the compost process in less time. 

If you are experiencing a semi automatic function, where you are having to hold the power button for the motor to run, it is most likely at some point the polarity was switched and the timer shorted out. Contact us  and we will send you a new timer. Once your timer is received, replacing your timer is pretty simple. 

Another sign polarity has been switched is if your motor is rotating slowly. It would not be enough to turn your solids bin effectively. This is caused by the PTC Fuse. It protects your motor but it can wear out rather quickly, actually limiting the amount of amperage the motor receives. If this is happening to you, again contact us. We will send you a new timer, and also suggest that you cut out your fuse. The new timer has a surge protector build in, so the fuse will not be needed.

Other common issues with you motor not functioning correctly are typically a direct result of you compost medium mixture being too thick. Simply empty your bin and ensure you agitator can spin freely. Confirm you are using the correct medium. 

Deciding Urine Diversion

The urine diversion is one of the defining features of a compost toilet. Your unit comes standard with a trap door to separate the liquids from the solids.

Once diverted the liquid will flow down into the urine bottle. Another feature that sets OGO apart from other composting toilets, is the Urine sensor.

How does the urine sensor work?


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