OGO™ Changes Time

Ok, well not exactly.

But they did make a change for the better.

2022 has been a wild year for so many companies and OGO™ is no different. As a new product released in 2021, we had the challenge of not only scaling up production and getting more exposure but also resolving any issues that the product had. 

OGO™ Compost Toilet gets updated with a new timer function, eliminating worry if not installed correctly.


OGO™ original timer unfortunately was one of these issues. The timer works great in proper use; however, it did not have short-circuit protection, so it was commonly damaged. This means that if a user accidentally wired the toilet in with negative ► positive and positive ► negative instead of positive ► positive and negative ► negative, the timer would short internally and ultimately stop working. 

If you do happen to have this issue, you can learn how to swap the timer here.

You can also simply unplug the green wire from the timer to get it back up and running in semi-auto mode until we can get a warranty order created.

The new timer produced by a great company Poly Electronics – Custom Electronics out of Elkhart, Indiana is not only a direct replacement but it has over-current protection, short-circuit protection, and added start/stop functionality. We are extremely excited to add this new component to our product. Our production has already implemented the timer change and any new OGO™ from now on will have the new and improved timer. 

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