What do I need to install the OGO™ Compost Toilet?

OGO™ Compost Toilets are easy to install but like with everything having the right tools can make all the difference.

Installation to floor

For mounting, you’ll just need a #2 Phillips bit screwdriver or drill. You can use the base plate as a guide to mark out your screw holes.  If installing a drain kit ensure the hole is cut out and follow those instructions.

Hole guide to install OGO

Use the provided 4x – #14 3/4″ Sheet Metal Screws to attach the unit to the floor.

While not required for functionality if you are traveling or on a boat, we highly recommend installing your unit to the floor or subfloor of your build.


Installation of wire connections

Please follow safety guidelines and turn off any power source before connecting your unit.


A wire stripper and Multimeter are good tools to have on hand.

The toilet comes with a 12V wire cable that you will likely have to strip back a little and attach to a 12V battery or directly into your 12V internal system Depending on the system, you may have a fuse block to install into for 12V. To strip back the wire, you will need a pair of wire strippers and don’t forget the negative wire is the black wire and the positive is the red wire. The other end of the cable is just a barrel jack that will need to be pushed into the power jack located near the back corner. For more information look at our power guide

If you purchased a 110V power adapter (or 220V location depending), then one end will just plug into the power jack located near the back corner while the other end will plug directly into the wall outlet.

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