Unlock True RV Freedom: Say Goodbye to Water Waste, Odors, and Costly Maintenance with the Game-Changing Alternative

Discover the step-by-step guide to converting your RV toilet into an Ogo Compost Toilet. Go green, save water, and embrace sustainable RVing with our comprehensive tutorial. Follow our expert tips and make a positive impact on the environment while enhancing your RVing experience. Dive into the ultimate eco-hack now!

Experience True RV Freedom: Bid Farewell to Water Waste, Odors, and Costly Maintenance!

Are you tired of traditional RV toilets that waste precious fresh water, emit unpleasant odors, and require costly upkeep? It’s time to break free from the shackles of conventional RVing and embrace a game-changing alternative. Traditional toilets not only drain your water reserves but also rely on harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and chlorine, posing significant health and environmental risks.

But here’s the solution: Say hello to a revolutionary toilet that liberates you from these constraints. By making the switch, you can wave goodbye to water waste and the need for constant pumping out. This alternative toilet consumes no water and eliminates odors, granting you a truly refreshing RV experience.

Moreover, maintenance becomes a breeze. Gone are the days of dealing with complex and costly upkeep routines. This alternative toilet is designed for ease of use, ensuring hassle-free emptying and simple maintenance procedures.

Don’t let traditional RV toilets limit your off-grid adventures. With this remarkable alternative, you can be free from the constraints of water and holding tanks. Embrace the newfound freedom that comes with a toilet that consumes no water, reduces environmental impact, and guarantees a more enjoyable and sustainable RV lifestyle. It’s time to unlock the true essence of RVing—freedom without compromise.

Step 1: Research and Choose the Right Compost Toilet Model

Begin by researching different compost toilet models available on the market. Evaluate their features, dimensions, installation requirements, and user reviews. OGO™ ORIGIN is popular due to its efficiency, compact design, user-friendly features, and reliable performance. Once you have selected the model that best suits your needs, move on to the next step.


Step 2: Gather the Necessary Tools and Supplies

Before starting the installation process, ensure you have all the required tools and supplies on hand. This typically includes wrenches, screwdrivers, a level, sealant, ventilation pipes, composting medium (such as peat moss or coconut coir), and gloves for personal protection. The tools you need will vary based on your build’s model and manufacturer. Make sure you have a plan that fits you. Water lines will need to be capped off as well as any floor drain will need to be sealed to prevent odors. Many people at this stage remove their used black tank and add an additional fresh water tank. 

What do I need to install the OGO™ Compost Toilet? – OGO™ Resource Center (ogotoilet.com)

Questions to Answer BEFORE Removing Your RV's Toilet

Are we keeping the black tank?

If the answer is YES, you will need to seal off the floor drain to avoid unwanted odors, especially if you have a used black tank. There may be a flange that you will have to build a platform around to ensure your new OGO™ ORIGIN sits level.

If the answer is NO, you may still want to close the hole with a drain cover. These are typically inexpensive and come in a variety of styles. 

Are we using the bottle or drain kit for urine?

If using a bottle there is no additional planning needed. Your new unit will come with a 2.4-gallon urine bottle.

If you are using a drain kit to divert the urine into a tank, eliminating the bottle completely, you will want to plan where the hole will be for your space.  This article below goes into more detail ↓

What do I need to Install a Drain Kit? – OGO™ Resource Center (ogotoilet.com)

Are we installing our unit in a wet bath?

If you are installing a wet bath plan on a raised platform or at a slight angle to prevent water from pooling up underneath your unit. You will also want to cover your unit when using the shower. Find out more in this article below. ↓

How do I install an OGO™ Compost Toilet in a Wet Bath? – OGO™ Resource Center (ogotoilet.com)

How are we choosing to power the OGO™ ORIGIN?

Power options vary depending on your setup. Read more and make the choice for you and your build. 

Let’s Talk … Power for OGO™ Compost Toilet – OGO™ Resource Center (ogotoilet.com)

How are we venting our unit?

Just like power there are many different factors that come into play when choosing how to vent. Remember venting a compost toilet is more about moisture control and airflow for the composting microbes rather than odors. Here are some helpful articles to learn more.

Ventilation – OGO™ Resource Center (ogotoilet.com)

What do I need to Install the Vent Hose? – OGO™ Resource Center (ogotoilet.com)

What do I need to install a Shell Vent? – OGO™ Resource Center (ogotoilet.com)


Where do I start in switching my RV's toilet for a compost toilet?

Step 3: Prepare Your RV Bathroom Space

Clear out the area where your current toilet is installed. Turn off the water supply and disconnect any plumbing connections. Thoroughly clean the space to provide a fresh start for your new compost toilet.

Step 4: Install the Compost Toilet

Your OGO™ ORIGIN is as easy as four screws. There may be additional steps depending on your setup plan.

Use the provided 4x – #14 3/4″ Sheet Metal Screws to attach the unit to the floor.

While not required for functionality if you are traveling on rugged terrain, we highly recommend installing your unit to the floor or subfloor of your build.

 Use a level to ensure it is properly aligned and balanced. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve a stable installation.

Step 5: Connect Vent Hose

Proper ventilation is essential for moisture control and the composting process. Connect the ventilation hose to the vent housing. Ensure they are properly secured. 

If you want to cut them shorter, you can start by using a utility knife to cut away the plastic and then use wire cutters to snip the wire inside of the hose. The rubber ends should be able to pull off and you can use something like Gorilla Glue to re-adhere. You can also purchase an extra length of hose from us, and we can make you a custom length. If you are curious about airflow and the length of venting, you can read more here.

Step 6: Test and Fine-tune

Before regular use, conduct a thorough test to ensure the compost toilet is functioning correctly. Check power source and functionality. Ensure all features are working properly before use. 

Is My OGO™ Unit Working Correctly? – OGO™ Resource Center (ogotoilet.com)

Enjoy Being Free!

By transitioning your RV toilet to an OGO™ ORIGIN, you are taking a significant step toward sustainable RVing. The comprehensive guide above has provided you with the necessary steps to make this eco-friendly change. Enjoy the benefits of reduced water consumption, minimized environmental impact, and the satisfaction of contributing to a greener future with OGO™ for years to come.


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