Urine Sensor Sensitivity

Why does my red light stay on my OGO™ Compost Toilet all the time? Well, it means your sensor needs to be recalibrated. Not to worry very easy to do! But remember to test BEFORE USING! You do not need to file a warranty claim unless you feel there has been damage to the urine sensor.

How to Calibrate your Urine Sensor

  1. Locate the Urine Sensor in the Bracket
  2. Remove from the bracket by gently pushing from the back forward.
  3. Locate the sensor’s back line where the back cover and the front cover meet. Use a small flathead screwdriver to pry the back cover off.
  4. Turn the dial with a small screwdriver to set sensitivity. We suggest a 180-degree turn and then test if it works. 
  5. Snap the back cover back on the sensor. Replace in the bracket. Test by filling the urine bottle up with liquid so the liquid level is at the top of the sensor height. DO NOT LET OVERFLOW. Place the urine bottle back in the drawer and the drawer back into the unit. The RED light on the power button should be ON when the bottle is FULL and OFF when you remove the bottle. 



The sensor should not be triggered when the bottle and drawer are closed, and the bottle is empty. 

It should trigger when the bottle and drawer are closed, and the bottle is full.

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