For Us It's About the Journey. It's about the People

OGO™ provides off-grid products and solutions of the highest quality. Dedicated to customer service, our human-centric approach delivers top-rated resources to every customer. We give our customers peace of mind and ease when transitioning to an off-grid lifestyle. Modern Off-Grid living can be costly, especially if you are planning your trips and journeys around sanitation. Be honest, did you miss out on that campsite because this one is closer to the shower house? Did you plan your stops based on your RV tank’s capacity? We all have to “go” and OGO™ provides a sense of freedom for the public bathhouse, private waste centers, and the disgusting experience of dumping a black tank in an RV. Even if you are not on the road but looking to join the thousands of people already reducing their footprint of living, OGO™ Compost Toilet is a great option for sanitation. Remote cabins, tiny houses, and other off-grid establishments give self-sustaining capabilities that reduce the need for massive waste disposal centers. However, leach beds and septic systems are costly and still feed into the current sewage system and are costly to maintain. But choosing OGO™ Compost Toilet eliminates the need for any of that, ultimately breaking away from the current sewage methods. Solid waste management is a real issue that has devastating repercussions and is ultimately not sustainable to maintain. As said prior, we all have to “go” and that has to go somewhere. We think it should go toward making compost. Composting has been around forever. It’s likely composting became widespread long before the first use of writing, so it’s not surprising that we had to wait many more years before the first written record of composting.

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